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MyBooking is an online web-based system that helps Public Sector agencies to manage meeting rooms and related resources.

MyBooking login page

The system's features are as follows:

✔Web based and accessible via Internet

✔ Accessible via mainstream Internet browsers

✔ Live status of rooms and resources

✔Notification by email

✔ Developed using CodeIgniter PHP

✔ Framework

  • Secure
  • Light and Fast
  • Conform to development best practices

MyBooking is intended to assist the Public Sector agencies to achieve the following objectives::

  1. Automate the process of meeting room and resources booking
  2. Save time by finding available meeting room when it is needed
  3. Eliminate issues of conflicting and redundant room booking
  4. Improve delivery and response time via automatic email notification
  5. Ability to generate report based on collected data

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